How Do We Create Impact?

Coding for Impact works with foreign nonprofits & NGOs to build technology that helps a diverse set of individuals across the world. From senior citizens in California to the youth of Uganda, we serve organizations across the globe to make their organization create an online presence and leverage technology to increase their impact.

Tech & Inequality

Most organizations have the pieces in place to help those in the communities they serve. We use technology as the missing link that empowers these organizations to widen their reach and coverage. Our unique approach brings technology into discussions in the nonprofit industry for solutions that are locally effective.

Empowering Underfunded Nonprofits

At Coding for Impact, we use technology to change the world. Our work is centered on empowering underfunded nonprofits in their endeavors — whether it's scaling a real-time chat application for people afflicted by Covid-19, a platform to enable the distribution of low-cost ventilators for Covid-19, a web crawling system to stop the practice of sex trafficking, a reformed cybersecurity system to prevent malicious online activity, or connecting thousands of charities with volunteers, at Coding for Impact, we use technology to develop functional applications that drive impact.

Sustainable Growth

Our ethos is centered around the idea of developing sustainable technological solutions — software that will impact and power nonprofits for generations to come. It's reflected in our work: we develop specific, unique technical projects tailored to a nonprofit's sector and their objectives. It may be security infrastructure to prevent thousands of online bots from overflooding a system that needs advice for spreading democratic approaches worldwide, it may be working closely to understand how to increase trust between law enforcement and citizens. One thing is clear from the projects we undertake and lead: we do whatever it takes to create an impact that will last, an impact that will not just change lives, but change our society at its roots.

Educational Commitment

Having children equipped with techical knowledge to become changemakers in the future comes first. But learning how to code or how to design — alone — won't solve any problems. Kids need to know how to apply their learnings in the classroom to drive meaningful change. Regardless of age, we believe anyone with the skills and passion can drive change: that forms our ethos as educators of not just how to code, or how to communicate, but rather how to apply that line of code, how to think — that will truly move our society forward.


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Empowering change worldwide

Coding for Impact takes what works for big-tech firms — their ability to invest in supplemental technology that is impactful — and brings it to the nonprofit sector across the world to allow them to drive a greater difference. There is no reason why underfunded charities cannot find volunteers, why autoimmune disorders cannot be found online, why low-cost ventilators cannot be distributed, why online sex trafficking cannot be detected and stopped. We change that in our partnerships. With a diverse set of partners extending from Los Angeles to Cambodia, from Hungary to Uganda, we have a global impact.

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