Education that's Impactful

Having children equipped with techical knowledge to become changemakers in the future comes first. But learning how to code or how to design — alone — won't solve any problems. Kids need to know how to apply their learnings in the classroom to drive meaningful change. Regardless of age, we believe anyone with the skills and passion can drive change: that forms our ethos as educators of not just how to code, or how to communicate, but rather how to apply that line of code, how to think — that will truly move our society forward.

1. From the Roots Up

The youth today are the changemakers of tomorrow. Outside of our work with partners as a nonprofit, we've also established clubs across New York City in middle and high schools to create a pathway for young children to learn not just how to code, but how to use that coding for tangible change.

2. How to Think

We do not teach syntax. We do not teach programming languages. We teach how to think. Since we were established in 2018, we've worked with over 85 students from across New York City — of diverse backgrounds, some even without computers, but united in their passion for moving our society forward.

3. Pathway to Impact

Most techies across the world use their knowledge to work in a 9-5 job, sitting in an office and coding the whole day. Another few have their own companies, and create cool high-end products. And then there are a few that work for nonprofits. But in a world where tech salaries are really high, and nonprofit funding really low, how can impactful organizations across the globe gain access to technology that they can use to create greater change? That's where we step in, building a team of passionate individuals who have specific technical skillsets — some educated at MIT and Yale, others only high school students — who possess the skills of many in the workforce, but use those skills in a totally different manner to help nonprofit organizations and build our own projects that are extremely impactful.


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We see technology as the solution to socioeconomic issues across the world.

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Individualized Mentorship

Our team is committed to growing generations of changemakers. We work closely with each of the individuals we teach, creating a pathway system for them to use what they learn for change, not just an additional skillset. It is through individualized mentorship that we instill the values of tangibly applying our technological skills to the real-world.

Tangible Opportunities

Our mentees come into our educational platform with sometimes no idea how to code, and come out with projects and a portfolio of development work. These members that go through our pathway take more centralized roles within our team, connecting with some of the leading nonprofits in the world or working on independent projects that help others.

Collaborative Mindset

In order to catalyze positive change, we brainstorm and bounce ideas off one another in an attempt to engineer novel solutions to problems in our society. Our innovative ethos is propelled by the collaborative mindset we instill in our students.

Humanitarian Focus

Our mission is to use our skills in technology to change the world. More specifically, we aim to solve social and humanitarian issues in our community using the power of technology, whether it's creating the most comprehensive web scraping technology to connect charities and volunteers, or detecting malicious activity online, our goals culminate in the creation of humanitarian-focused projects.

Global Nonprofits. Global Projects. Global Impact.