We empower charities.

It's 2020, but technology is not integrated in developing communities.

We change that.

Our Philosophy

Big Ambitions, Tangible Change

We empower nonprofits to create sustainable change with technological solutions.

Our group of thinkers and leaders develop technology that drives an impact in our society. We create independent projects that solve some of the most relevant humanitarian issues our society faces. We partner with leading nonprofits across the globe to build applications and create technological backend infrastructure that increases the impact and proliferation of nonprofit work. In our objective of creating technology that creates a direct, tangible change within our society, we have a bold goal of every developing nonprofit delivering change hand-in-hand with us. We want to use our skills to make sanitation accessible to rural children in Cambodia, to empower small charities to get volunteers in New York City, to help in the proces sof eradicating domestic servitude for young Haitian girls. We have a global vision, and a global impact.

Our Approach

We've empowered nonprofits and charities around the world.

Resource Equality International
Global Girl Media
Ayiti Now
Lot 2545

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Our impact extends across the world.

For Underfunded Local Nonprofits

NYC Connector

Senior Chat Application During COVID-19

Golden Talk Chatline

Accessible Ventilators for COVID-19


Live Media Platform

Global Girl Media

Security Infrastructure

Democracy Without Borders


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